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Natural Balance
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A Healthy Life LLC. dba. A.S.K. Nutrition & Natural Balance Power Bracelet has been established since May 14 2006. We have been serving clients around the globe with health, nutrition and supplementation for 17 years. Our Nutrition store and head quarters is located in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Our standard is excellent service, high quality products with clean high absorption ingredients. We offer a lifetime warranty on our bracelets. We have participated in trade shows the past 7 years in order to share our knowledge and expertise with the main focus being Natural Therapy & complimentary Natural therapeutic magnetic and ionic bracelets.

Our objective is to help our clients to live a healthy life. The first 11 years we focused on hosting health events at a local level. The past 4 years we have broadened our business model to include, trade show and health fairs to reach a broader client base, including health & wellness, sports conventions, womens conventions, home & garden shows, bikers events, boating shows and holiday shows among other. Our goal is to provide high quality products, excellent customer service, knowledgeable and professional and caring staff.

Over the years we have incorporated magnetic therapy to our practice. The Energy, Natural Balance and Magnetic concept developed out of a passion to help people live healthier and to reinforce natural solutions. This holistic and ancient approach to health and healing is a compliment to what we do in our store. Natural Balance creates a synergy and a balance in our clients life.

* Strength & balance
* Pain relief
* Joint flexibility
* Adrenal support
* Liver & kidney function
* Better sleep quality
* More energy, stamina and vitality
* EMF radiation protection & shield

A Healthy Life focus:
* Vitamins supplements
* Fitness & sports performance fitness and spirts recovery
* Lifestyle nutrition
* Pain relief
* Overall wellness

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