International Homes of Cedar

International Homes of Cedar
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IHC is in its sixth decade of providing the finest custom homes and commercial structures around the world. We introduced engineered timber walls to the industry in 1966. We combine engineered timbers with our patented precision interlocking system to build one of the strongest structures in the world. Our engineered timbers virtually eliminate the twisting and warping often seen in solid timbers and logs, and also dramatically reduce shrinking, cracking, and splitting. Our homes are easy to maintain and offer the legendary pest resistance of Inland Western Red Cedar. Our engineered timber’s thermal performance is superior, offering excellent energy efficiency for extreme climates. IHC homes span the globe from North of the Arctic Circle, to the southern tip of South America.

New Products

Our patented Thermo-Lam III wall timber will outperform a 2x10 conventionally framed wall with R-30 fiberglass batt insulation.

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