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Company Description:

Roof Tec was created to make smart home maintenance a reality. For most Americans, our home is our largest financial asset. It’s where we raise our families and it’s often our source of retirement income. It’s also left outside, in the rain, in the sun, and we have no real way of knowing there’s a problem until it’s too late.

So we created a series of house performance sensors that detect things like mold, leaks, and storm damage long before they grow into larger problems. The sensors communicate with our headquarters which dispatches a technician to inspect the problem within 24 hours.

We also designed and built a series of drones and robots that can prevent and eliminate moss from asphalt shingle roofs, clean gutters, and pressure wash metal structures. And yes, we install and repair roofs as well.

Show Specials:

Mention the Tacoma Home & Garden Show and receive $500 off your next roof installation, $150 off your next roof cleaning, or $25 off your next drone moss treatment.

New Products

Roof Smart Sensor: detects issues such as tree impacts, disconnected vents, poor ventilation, rodent activity, leaks, humidity, and excessive temperatures.

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Certified Malarkey Contractor

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